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Hello... my name is Daniel Biddlecom and I am glad you are here. I am a 3D Modeler and Designer with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Computer Art from the Savannah College of Art and Design (Savannah, GA campus). Autodesk Maya is my preferred software when making my digital creations; however, I do use ZBrush as well. For all of my image editing and texture creation needs I love to use Adobe Photoshop. And to round it all out, I do all my post production and video editing inside Adobe Premiere.

I am a diverse artist who also enjoys creative writing and painting. I find that writing and painting are both fun and relaxing. I mostly write fictional short stories and poetry. I am currently writing a fiction novel that I hope to one day get published by a major company. My personal paintings reflect the creativity and ideas that I have rattling around in my head at that time. It is such a great release to be able to get the ideas out of my head and onto paper, canvas or which ever digital medium I deem suitable for that project.

I have worldly knowledge and experience that I acquired from traveling the globe while in the United States Marine Corps. As fate would have it, I joined the Marines before attending college. So I never understood or appreciated the arts and cultures of the countries that I had visited. It wasn’t until I went to college that I began to understand and truly appreciate the art that I had seen first hand years before as a young Marine. I hope to one day travel to the places I had previously explored as well as many other places I have yet to visit so that I can further enrich my mind (and my life) with the arts and cultures of different societies.

So take your time and have fun looking around my website. I hope you enjoy viewing my artwork as much as I have enjoyed making it. Thank you again for taking the time to stop by and view my artwork. If there is something in particular that catches your eye or inspires you, drop me a line and let me know. I always love connecting with creative people everywhere.


Daniel Biddlecom