Kinesiology Kritters

I was contacted by Brett Holt, a professor at the University of Vermont, to produce a drawing for him to use during his presentation at The Western Society for Kinesiology and Wellness convention (2015) in Reno, Nevada.  He commissioned me to do a drawing of cute woodland animals (called “Kinesiology Kritters”) working out together in a gym setting.  He used this drawing in his presentation “Coloring and Stress Relief”, and also handed out a paper copy with some crayons for his attendees to color.

I drew each “Kritter” separately by hand, as well as some of the props and background.  Later, I composited them all together into one finished scene using Adobe Photoshop.  I also came up with names and a short biography for each Kritter, which was also composited together into one finished product using Adobe Photoshop.

Kinesiology Kritters (finshed product)